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Musicstart Student Results

Well done!! to Sam Percival, 69% pass grade 5 Trinity Guildhall Drum Kit and Simon welford 87% distinction grade 5 Trinity Guildhall Drum Kit. (April 2015). Don’t miss your chance to play on the site mustang money slot. You will be satisfied!

Well done!! to my drum students for passing there drum kit grade exams!!

Grade 7!! Trinity Guildhall passed 70% Anabel Joyce

Grade 5 Trinity Guildhall Merit 75% Leonetta Lewis. Go to the site and get australian online casino no deposit bonus at our casino. Limited supply!

Well Done! To Shreya Balaraman Passing Grade 1 Piano With Merit

Great result for our students, keep up the good work!! Very proud of all of our students’ achievements. A big thank you to all of the Musicstart tutors, too for sharing their expertise. You have to play and get great bonuses in beste online casino here. Don’t miss your chance to become more rich.

Well done!! to students who passed there drum kit exams in March 2014

Anabel Joyce Trinity Guildhall grade 6 Drum Kit (Merit)

Lewis Millican Trinity Guildhall grade 6 Drum Kit (Merit)

Cameron Snow Trinity Guildhall grade 5 Drum Kit (Merit)

Sam Percival Trinity Guildhall grade 4 Drum Kit (Pass)


Well done to the following students who have passed their Trinity Guildhall drum kit exams…..

Annabel Joyce Trinity Guildhall grade 5 Merit

Lewis Millican Trinity Guildhall grade 5 Merit

Simon Welford Trinity Guildhall grade 4 Pass

Emma Renolds Trinity Guildhall Grade 3 Merit

Well done to all of you – you’ve done great!


Music Lounge is recruiting teachers in the stockton, teesside area contact us for details

Music Lounge is recruiting Music teachers (all instruments including vocals) in the Stockton teesside area, anyone with relevant experience and qualifications please email info@music-start.co.uk, we are building a fully equipped music room to the back of the Music Lounge. Stop sitting and doing nothing! Change everything here and now with best australian online casino! Don’t wait a second!

Musicstart is opening a Music venue called Music Lounge!! ……


The Music Lounge is well under way, Musicstart has built a large student base and a good firm reputation in the Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham areas, now we are expanding to Stockton. The below address is in the heart of Stockton 21c Yarm Lane, we will offer Music tuition for all instruments, practice facility’s and sales in our 700sq ft back room.  In our front room we are opening a 1600sq ft music venue which will sell food, drink and promote some of the up and coming acts of today. We will offer outside seating and the venue is likely to open by Christmas watch this space……. thanks!! to everyone who has made this possible !!

Our current team of teachers will be involved in the Music Lounge, we are also recruiting music teachers in Stockton Teesside area covering all instruments including vocals, sound engineering, music business, music theory and dj skills, we will use some of our existing teachers for the area depending on availability.

Please apply direct to Oliver email info@music-start.co.uk or call 07891343524

We will be holding a new event in our new premises in the coming future watch this space ….

Band promotion offered at Musicstart

We offer band promotion for Events, Parties, Weddings and Gigs, we cover many different styles and budgets.

For details please get in touch for details


Bethany Louise Scott Gets Distinction!! at Grade 1 Vocals

Well done! to Bethany for achieving a Distinction!! at Rock school grade 1 vocals

Sam Percival Passes Grade 3 Drum Kit

Well done ! to Sam Percival for passing his Trinity Guildhall Drum Kit grade 3 exam.

Musicstart student Gabrielle Ross gets distinction at grade 6 vocals !

Well done to Gabrielle Ross for achieve a distinction at grade 6 vocals ! also well done to Carrie Steel for excellent teaching !

More videos from Musicstart event

Two more videos from Musicstart students performing, click on the song titles to view Californication by Chilli Peppers, Yellow by Coldplay

Another video of students from Musicstart event !

Another video of students from the Muscistart event

Ironic by Alanis morissette

First Video of the Musicstart event !!!

Hi please check the first video of our Musicstart event in June 2013, please click on the song title, more videos to follow…

Musicstart Event Raising Ghosts

Isobel Maddison achieves (merit) for grade 4 ABRSM Piano

Oliver Terry would like to congratulate Isobel Maddison who passed her ABRSM grade 4 Piano with (Merit) – well done !!

Sophie Maddison achieves (pass) at grade 5 Piano ABRSM

Oliver Terry would like to congratulate Sophie Maddison who passed her ABRSM grade 5 Piano (pass) – well done !!



This beginner to intermediate/semi pro Tama kit looks and sounds great, it has plenty attack and punch for live gigs. All the hardware is double braced and the finish is a deep ocean blue which looks great in light. The kit is £600 new, it is hardly used, for sale £295 which also includes a set of cymbals and pads for practice use.


18″ x 14″ Bass Drum
10″ x 8″ Tom Tom
12″ x 9″ Tom Tom
14″ x 12″ Floor Tom
13″ x 5″ Snare Drum

Double Tom Holder
Cymbal Stand
Boom Cymbal Stand
Snare Stand
Hi-Hat Stand
Drum Pedal
Drum Throne
Bass Drum lifter

Any questions please contact Oliver on 07891343524 or email Musicstart at info@music-start.co.uk

Musicstart event was a great success !!

HUGE thanks to everyone who helped to make the second Musicstart Live event yesterday such a fantastic success, over 60 people attended! including:
Musicstart tutor, Rob slater;
sound and recording, Adam potts;
the ace opening band, Raising Ghosts (with special thanks to Lynsey on vocals & Leon, Mark and Tom on guitars for kindly stepping up to assist students’ performances)
and the awesome Dixon Did It, whose performance ensured the whole event ended on a high!
The students all gained so much from your help and it couldn’t have happened without you. Thank you!!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the amazing Musicstart students who attended yesterday’s Musicstart Event and each performed one or two of the following six songs: ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay/ ‘Ironic’ by Alanis Morrisette/ ‘Californication’ by Red Hot Chili Peppers/ ‘Twist & Shout’ by The Beatles/ ‘Free Falling’ by Tom Petty/ ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol.
These 13 amazing students are namely….
on VOCALS: ROSS NUNN (‘Yellow’); GABRIELLE ROSS (‘Ironic’) and AMY REDHEAD (‘Californication’ and ‘Yellow’);
on KEYS: BETHANY CHAPMAN (‘Yellow’ and ‘Ironic’) and SHREYA GELLIA(‘Twist and Shout’ and ‘Free Falling’)
and on DRUMS: LEWIS MILLICAN (‘Yellow’ and ‘Ironic’); EMMA REYNOLDS (‘Chasing Cars’ and ‘Yellow’); CAMERON SNOW (‘Free Falling’ and ‘Californication’); SAMANTHA GALLAGHER (‘Chasing Cars’ and ‘Yellow’); ANNABELLE JOYCE (‘Californication’ and ‘Ironic’); SCOTT BLAS (‘Yellow’ and ‘Chasing Cars’); ALEX ROGAN (‘Twist & Shout’ and ‘Californication’) and SAM PERCIVAL (‘Free Falling’ and ‘Chasing Cars’).

Next Musicstart Event

The next Musicstart event will be on Sunday 16th June at St. George’s Church in Sunderland. Smoke machines, lights, band equipment, refreshments will be provided and all student performances will be videoed!. 12 to 5pm practice session, performances 5pm to 8pm which will include a live band, students will perform 3 songs. Tickets are £5 at www.music-start.co.uk. You can buy them using the online payment page. Please enter ‘June Event’ in the details box so that we know what you are paying for. If you have any questions regarding the event, feel free to call or email me – Oliver. I look forward to seeing you there – we’ll have a blast!!!

Cameron Snow gets Grade 4 (merit) Trinity Guildhall Drum Kit

Oliver Terry would like to congratulate Cameron Snow who passed his Trinity Guildhall grade 4 Drum Kit (merit) – Fab!

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