Terms and Conditions


Lessons are available on a one to one basis for either a 30 min or 60 min session, to be agreed on arrangement of lessons.

Reserving a time slot.

Lessons are generally arranged as a regular time slot, either weekly or fortnightly. Once a time slot is arranged, it is expected to be adhered to strictly subject to the cancellation policy below. Should two cancellations occur in a row (without a genuine reason) or, frequent cancellations occur, then the time slot may be offered to the next person on the waiting list.


It is the student’s responsibility to arrive on time for the lesson. The lessons cannot be extended due to lateness for whatever reason.

Cancellation Policy

Musicstart-student-contact-buttons• 48 hours notice is required for all cancellations, regardless of circumstances. Cancellations should be made by clicking the appropriate contact button in the student contact section of your teacher’s profile page on the Musicstart website. Confirmation of receipt will be returned shortly after receipt. If you do not receive confirmation, you should assume that I have not received your message and try an alternative method of contact i.e. phone call.
• When 48 hours notice is not given, the student forfeits the lesson and fees must be paid for that lesson.
• When 48 hours notice is given, an alternative time for a make-up lesson will be offered.
• In the event that I cancel a lesson, an alternative time will be offered.
• If you are going to be on holiday and miss one or more of your lessons, please notify us as early as possible and at the latest with 48 hours notice by the method outlined above.

School Holidays

Lessons continue and are payable through school holidays and public holidays unless notified otherwise by your teacher or Oliver Terry. Thank you for your understanding on these matters.

Enrolling for Lessons with MUSICSTART

Contacting Musicstart to book a lesson

Contact can be made by emailing info@music-start.co.uk or contact by mobile 07891 343 524.

Information required by Musicstart

  • The name of the student.
  • Contact telephone number and email address.
  • Address of the student
  • The age of the student
  • Which instrument is to be studied.
  • Level of the student i.e. beginner / advanced.
  • The most convenient days and times for lessons to take place.
  • When lessons are to begin.
  • What the student hopes to receive and achieve from Musicstart i.e. qualifications, live experience, team building skills, contacts, opportunities.

What happens next?

The administrator at Musicstart will notify the relevant teacher as to the availability of lessons that meet the requirements of the student. The student will receive, usually by email or phone, confirmation of the lesson booking. This will confirm day, time and a detailed copy of the Terms and Conditions, which should be agreed before completing a booking. The terms and conditions should be agreed prior to attending the lessons with a Musicstart teacher.

You can download and sign the terms and conditions agreement HERE.

Payment for the lesson should be made directly to the teacher in cash on the day of the lesson. Alternatively a Direct Debit can be set up by contacting the administrator (contact on upper-right of this page). This will cover the lesson fees on a monthly basis. A receipt will be issued for this.
Monthly progress reports will be issued from Musicstart to the students to ensure the service meets demands and expectations. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Musicstart will update students on events and news.