Vocal Lessons with Laurie Shepherd


Professional vocal lessons / tuition for all ages in Newcastle – Sunderland – Durham – Stockton – Teesside – Yarm – North East.

Singing lessons with Laurie Shepherd at Musicstart

“I have always had a deep fascination of the voice. I love the voice as an instrument and the potential in tone emotion and texture it can produce. I’m interested in the working of our instrument, the anatomy and how our voice works from a technical point of view, but also understanding the voice from a psychological and an emotional point of view. I find vocal technique an extremely interesting subject and I am constantly seeking new knowledge and approaches to teaching through my ongoing research and training. I have vocal lessons myself from highly experienced teachers and keep my voice in shape and improving with regular training. I feel I am developing my teaching style all the time with the new knowledge I gain.  I feel my enthusiasm for the subject really shines through in my teaching style. I always aim to bring out the best in my students while also making sure they are having fun learning. I have experience working with a wide variety of ages and abilities and I adapt my teaching style to suit each individual or to suit the dynamics or standard of a group. I am successful in building strong working relationships with my students and see a rapid progression and improvement in their singing.”

Vocal lessons with Laurie Shepherd at Musicstart

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